blank pic

‘A picture is worth a thousand words…’ So here are some tips on what pictures to NOT put on your profile unless you want guys to not check out your profile.

  1. No photo or hidden pictures- You need to have pictures of yourself on your profile to get a guy’s attention.
  2. Only one photo- While it’s better than no photo’s, you should have at least three photo’s of yourself.
  3. Photo’s that are older then 1 year- we all change over time. Putting a picture of you that is a younger version of you is only going to lead to disappointment if you meet. The majority of your photo’s should be taken in the last 12 months.
  4. Fat and Thin pictures- Again, put up recent photo’s of yourself. If we see photo’s of you thin and then one of you with a bit more weight, we know which one is you now! Be honest with us and yourself.
  5. Blurry photos- Put a clear photo of yourself. Blurry is not a good look.
  6. Covered face- have a clear photo of your face. If it’s covered by a hat, big sunglasses, hair, a pet, a kid etc, then we can’t see you.
  7. Where’s Wally- These are the photo’s where there are multiple people/girls in each photo. Dating Apps are not an online ‘Where’s Wally’ book! If you change your hair color in the photo’s it doesn’t help. If you’re going to have a picture with other people, tell people where you are. For example, blonde third from the right. Provide the first photo of just you as a head shot.
  8. Long distance photo’s- It’s great you want to show yourself outdoors. But a pic of you way in the distance really doesn’t help us. It’s a waste of a profile picture.
  9. Back photo- If you are giving a photo with your back turned, then it needs to be a full body shot, show off your hair or your outfit. But no more than one!
  10. Wedding photo- PLEASE, if you’re single, putting a photo of you in your wedding gown is a TURN OFF! It either means your married or you’re thinking about marriage even before we have met.
  11. Photo with the ex- If we see you kissing or hugging a guy affectionately in a photo, we’re not going to be impressed. You still have ex issues if you have these photos.
  12. Kids in photo’s- I get it, you have kids. But you don’t need them in the photo. We are dating you, not your children. If guys are checking out your children in the picture rather than you, then you’re starting with problems!
  13. Pets, cars, memes, landscapes etc- We want to see pictures of you, not of your pets, your car, a tree. To quote one girl “I don’t want to see a picture of your car. Unless you’re a transformer and you are the car.”
  14. Tricks we know for curvy girls- We know the tricks. Cleavage pics especially downward selfies, standing at the back in group photo’s, no body photo’s, long distance photo’s, showing old photo’s when you were thinner ‘Fat and Thin’ photos. Be you as this is who guys will be meeting.
  15. Bikini’s, active wear and glamour/going out- Now you might be thinking ‘hang on, why are you saying no photo’s wearing a bikini or active wear?!’ I’m not saying don’t put a photo of you in a swimsuit or active wear. I’m saying if all we see are photo’s of you in bikini’s, active wear or dressed up going out or glamour shots, we are most likely going to think your profile is a scammer. Or you’re the person being sung about in the song “Love Yourself”!
  16. Who Are you attracting?- For me personally, I don’t like girls sticking their finger up, holding a beer can, laying on their car in singlet and shorts, holding up a fish. This is because I don’t date bogans. So put photo’s of yourself that convey who you are and the type of guy you want to attract.

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