POF Fish imageOkay, you’ve decided to create a Plenty of Fish (POF) profile in the search for a soul mate, or because you want your friends to stop pestering you (Or to stop the rumours you’re a lesbian). But here’s the thing, guys read literally hundreds, if not thousands of girls profiles. And many go something like this

“Hi, I’m a fun loving/down to earth girl.

My family/friends/children mean the world to me.

I have a job that I love and it keeps me busy.

I like going to the gym and exercise. I like to live and eat healthy, but I do enjoy a glass of red.

I like to [insert outdoor activities].

But I also like to stay in some nights and watch a movie.

I like to travel and I’ve been to [insert names of countries]. I would like to do a lot more.

I am looking for [insert attributes in a guy that are probably not realistic].

I am not looking for casual one nighters or dtf.”


Does your profile sound like this? If it does, you’re one of the many profiles that sound exactly like this. This leaves only your picture’s as unique. So it’s no different to Tinder except you don’t get to decide who sends you messages.

What can you do?

Your wanting guys to message you. And plenty will. But you want guys to send you an original message. An original message requires an original profile that he can use to message you about. Girls wonder why guys only send a ‘hi’ message. These profiles are why. He is just wanting you to check his profile out and see if you like his profile. If you do he hopes you will then message back. Tinder by message!

If you’re lucky he may put some effort in with “What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?” This is a generic question that is probably a copy and paste. Why? Because many profiles have some type of travel in them.

  1. It starts with your username. Select one that is significant to you.
  2. Write a headline that will get attention. Something about fishing or fish is not original!
  3. Be honest in your profile but be different. Say something that is unique about you. What is your dream job or activity? What was your favorite school subject? Who do you idolize? What is a deal breaker for dating a guy? What is your pet hate?
  4. Provide a question for the guy to answer. This gives him something to message you with. Have it be about something you’re interested in or something that tells you something about him. Don’t ask a question about something listed above unless it is different. For example if asking a question about travel, ask a question like ‘If you could travel to any fictional place, where would you go?’ Or about exercise ‘What is your ultimate goal from working out?’
  5. if you want to reduce the messages you read, include a code word. This is a word somewhere in your profile that you request to be put at the start of the message otherwise you won’t read or reply. If you see the word at the start of the message, they’ve read your profile! If not, then they obviously haven’t read it thoroughly.
  6. Pictures- including pictures is a must. I will write a separate post on pictures!


So if you want guys to send you more than just ‘hi’ as a message, give them something to message you about by being original. If you want to sort the guys who have read your message from those who haven’t made the effort, then include a question and or code word.


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