NO! Girls, if you’re interested in a guy then send him a message. Rather than complain about all the messages from guys you are not interested in. Men receiving a first message from a girl is less than the number a girl receives. No, guys don’t think you must be desperate to send them a message. We will take more interest in you if you send a message then if we came across your profile among the literally thousands that we look at. If you message it tells us you’re interested in us.

If he doesn’t reply to you, read the article “POF messaging etiquette- Should I reply?”. Girls like to be chased by a guy to show he is interested. BUT……Guys see it on many a profile- “If you like my profile send me a message and say hi”. NO! Because if we do send a message just saying ‘hi’ it will be one of the dozens of messages you will receive that day from guys. You will then complain about the number of messages you receive each day and this will be why you don’t respond to them all.

I refer back to my previous article “Writing an original POF profile” where I suggest for girls ways they can ensure a guy will send an original message to you and to reduce the number of or be able to sort through messages more easily. I have also wrote an article on when you should message a guy back “POF messaging etiquette- should I reply?” .

So if you come across a guy’s profile and you like it, send him a message. He could be interested in you and your sending the first message could be the start of a great relationship!

Happy dating!!


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